This is a journey…

A chance meeting at a poetry open mic night hosted at The Scentuary in Chicago on September 19, 2014 brought the two creative forces of Savant Furlow and Kai Love together. They might not have known at the time, but their worlds were about to collide, artistically speaking.


Savant Furlow, had shared a track with Kai Love during the Spring of 2015 asking her opinion on the song. Through their friendship they had become fans of each other’s work and it became common place to vet new pieces of poetry or songs with each other before releasing to the public. Savant was getting ready to release his second project, “Sophomore” and was finalizing his track list. Kai Love had provided him some initial feedback on the track, but it didn’t make the project. Months later, Kai Love re-listened to the track and quickly came up with some bars that she thought complimented his style and flow. She nervously sent it to Savant, and he responded “we have to get into the studio!” So on February 6, 2016, Savant and Kai Love recorded “GATORS” at Tye Hill Studio and released it on Soundcloud.

It was a magical recording experience between the two of them and inspired Kai Love to return to the studio over the next 4 weeks to record her debut EP, “LITTLE STAR“. During a previous recording session, Savant and Kai Love, played around with a beat created by Tye Hill and dropped some preliminary vocals on the track. Kai Love added one more verse to the track and “WANT MORE” became Track 4 on her project.

Both GATORS and WANT MORE have been well received by audiences and that synergy Savant and Kai Love have with ear other musically, has inspired the creation of the new duo called “TUMBLEWEED“. The group name was chosen because in December of 2015, after a very serious surgery and weeks of bed rest, a rather disheveled and low spirited Kai Love received a visit from Savant, who stated she resembled a tumbleweed.

Kai Love Tumbleweed.jpg

For the last 18 months, Savant and Kai have been writing and recording trying to get their first album completed. The process hit some roadblocks and life took them off course, just like a tumbleweed. But, the winds have shifted and they will be releasing their first joint project together, [REDACTED].

After further thought, Savant and Kai felt TUMBLEWEED represented more than just a group name. It is really the combining of different skills and talents, sometimes across tough terrain, to create beautiful artistic moments. As such, before TUMBLEWEED the group was even officially launched it was tabled and expanded to a production company, appropriately titled, A TUMBLEWEED PRODUCTION. Yeah, that’s right! The album [REDACTED] will be released as the first project under the production company.

A TUMBLEWEED PRODUCTION is currently seeking more artists to successfully manage your artistic projects or products, take them to market, and assist you in realizing revenue. For more information on A TUMBLEWEED PRODUCTION, click the contact tab in the menu.


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